Brand: ShenDing - Model: LD8002-A9 - Material: Copper - Quantity: 1 - Color: Silver - Finish: Chrome - Water pipe (inch): 2.2cm - Sink compatibility: 2.2cm - LED number: 1 piece - When water flows down the LED will light instantly and automatically; Displays different color light according to water temperature: Emits green light when water temperature less than 31'C blue light when between 32'C and 43'C and red light when between 44'C and 50'C when red light flash it means water temperature more than 51'C be careful to be burn. - Come with 1 x 23.5mm adapter and 1 x 20mm adapter for different size connector installation. - Package includes: - 1 x Faucet light - 1 x Filter mesh - 2 x Screw adapters