There has never been more awareness of the public health agenda, as policy-makersstress the importance of 'wellbeing'to the general public. But how can wellbeing bedefined and measured? Should the promotion of wellbeing lie at the heart of all policyand legislation? Charting the history and evolution of the public health agenda, this insightful reader arguesthe place of wellbeing in local and national strategy. It identifies some of the critical eventsthat have influenced the development of public health systems, and looks at the challengesfor policy- makers and professionals in the formulation and delivery of effective strategiesfor the future. With contributions from academics and practitioners working within the public, voluntaryand private sectors, the book explores the challenges of defining and promoting wellbeing: across the lifespan, from childhood and youth to older age through a range of approaches, such as town planning and partnership working within a variety of settings, including the workplace, the community and the NationalHealth Service. Grounded with grassroots examples of local strategy in action, From Public Health toWellbeing offers fresh insights into the promotion of wellbeing in thetwenty-first century. It is avaluable resource for students of public health, health promotion, the social sciences andsocial policy, as well as for any practitioner supporting health promotion within thepublic, private or voluntary sector.