Benefits of the Detox Foot Pads: - Release unwanted toxins - Increase your energy level - Reduce aches pains headaches & tiredness - Relieve stress - Improve your metabolism - Improve your blood circulation –Works while you sleep - Simple and easy to use Instruction: - 1. Apply detox patch one hour before bedtime. - 2. Wash and dry your feet or body part before applying Detox Patch. - 3. Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off paper. – 4. Place the foot pad on the adhesive and place onto the soles of your feet or the desired area of other body part. (Socks can be worn if necessary) – 5. Wear for 8-10 hours then remove pad. - 6. Wipe surface with wet towel until it’s no longer sticky. - 7. Used patches will appear dark greenish or grayish as they absorb toxins and waste matter from your body. - 8. Continue to use each night until the discoloration of the pad subsides. - 9. When used patches show signs of lightening apply once or twice a week for maintenance. Disclaimer: Do not put on open wound. If you are allergic do not use these pads. This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. If you experience any disease consult a physician.