Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are a common and useful tool in managing the devices or objects. RFID is a contactless technology; it considered the way to replace the barcode, since the barcode is data read with line of sight and limits the utility for item-level of logistic and supply chain application in the future. Due to advances in silicon manufacturing technology, RFID costs have dropped significantly. In the near future, low-cost RFID “electronic product codes” or “smart-labels” may be practical replacement for optical barcodes on consumer items. Unfortunately, the universal deployment of RFID devices may expose new security and privacy risks. Until now many researchers have proposed different algorithm on the RFID’s security and privacy issues, such as WSRE algorithm, Chien Algorithm. At the end this Book aims to present the work on new secure access control algorithm for Reader and Tag communication. In this Book Triple DES Algorithms is used to encode and decode the message. New secure access control algorithm uses the concept of Six Bit Reader_ID, Twenty Four Bit Tag_ID and Triple DES Algorithm to improve security between the Tag and Reader.