This research concerns my art practice in the context of my experience as director of Tsinghua University’s Glass programme in Beijing, China. The research has benefited creative glass practice amongst Chinese students and professionals through the development of artworks, creative glass making approaches, innovative teaching approaches and programmes. I specialize in sand and kiln-cast glass and my art practice explores China’s historical cultural heritage. The content of my work refers to metaphors and symbols of power. The contribution to knowledge presented in this book is a body of artworks in glass that show the progression of one Chinese artist’s expression of Chinese culture - with descriptions of influences, inspirations and working methods. In addition, explanations are given of innovative creative methods in sand-cast and kiln-formed glass in the following areas: sand -casting of glass with different forms, a process to make under-cut forms in sand-casting, a series of tests for kiln casting using locally sourced Chinese glass mixed with enamels and lead glass frit to colour glass, and a ‘double firing’ method to cast one glass form inside of another.