This book explains the available opportunities (that ithe sheep and goat population, market facilities, increasing demand etc.) that support to improve the Sheep and goat market and marketing system and constraints of the system which hinders the normal transaction of sheep and goat in the market. The book also explains the purpose of keeping sheep and goats by the producers and the time targeted by the producers to sale and buy the sheep and goat. The book provides the market places used buy the market users along with the available and lacking market facilities. The book also provides information about the modes of marketing of sheep and goat i.e methods used for price setting during selling and buying of the sheep and goat. The key participants/actors of sheep and goat market are also presented in this book. The book also encompassed possible solutions to be used to solve the constraints of sheep and goat market and marketing system. The book is ideally suited as text for the extension agents of sheep and goat production, the live stock marketing agents, the sheep and goat producers, and for those who want to invest in the sheep and goat production as well as marketing business