The essence of Music Education is to cultivate, nurture, and encourage practical musicianship. The music teacher should strive to be a model of practical musicianship in creative music making. The author of this book observes that students who undertake the secondary school music curriculum in Kenya portray more of theoretical music knowledge than the practical musical expression. On this basis, this book creates awareness of the missing links between theory of music and practical musical expressiveness among secondary school music teachers and students in Kenya and beyond. It exposes to music teachers a new realization of music in action beyond the confines of the classroom by diversifying the use of available resources and thereby leading to new horizons in music education. Essentially, it assists the music teacher to improve quality in music making and teaching by creating understanding and the significance of practically integrating music literacy and expressiveness. This book is highly recommended for secondary school music teachers, Music teacher trainers, School administrators, music scholars in universities, curriculum developers and Ministry of Education policy makers.