Present study deals with the growth and antioxidant enzyme response in Gmelina arborea under Aluminium and manganese toxicity inoculated with AM fungi. Two AM fungal species namely Glomus intraradices and Gigaspora margarita were used as AM inoculum singly or in combination. Results revealed that AMF modulates the antioxidant and non antioxidant enzyme activities which help Gmelina to overcome oxidative stress caused by HM. In present work, interaction between AM fungi and Gmelina under heavy metal toxicity showed AM fungal species increase the soil properties and minimize the toxic effects of heavy metals by enhancing the growth and vigour of Gmelina plants. This study can also be used for rehabilitation of HM contaminated sites (mining sites) by using AM inoculated Gmelina plants. AMF can accelerate the revegetation of several degraded lands, such as coal mines, metal mines or waste sites.