Палех - единственное место в мире, где еще жива дивная сказка той поры русской культуры, когда ее искусство имело мировое значение. Отличительные черты палехских миниатюр - живопись по черному фону, обработанному прозрачным лаком до зеркального блеска, сложность многофигурных композиций, подробное раскрытие сюжета. Излюбленные мотивы росписи - былины, русские народные сказки, сюжеты деревенской жизни, мотивы произведений великих писателей. Alexander Pushkin is a great Russian poet and novelist, the creator of modern literary Russian. A genius of poetry, he embodied Russian national consciousness and became the pride of his country. Pushkin's books are printed in millions of copies; his works have been translated into all major languages. An important part of Pushkin's literary heritage is his fairy tales, which are based on Russian folklore. Pushkin's tales have always been a favourite subject matter for the painting school of Palekh, a famous old centre of icon-painting and lacquer miniature. The fantastically beautiful miniatures by the Palekh masters adorn jewellery boxes, plaques, powder cases and other artefacts made of papier-mache. They enchant the viewer as a precious amalgam of shining vibrant colours on an enigmatic black background, lit up by the sparkles of lacework golden ornament.