Market liberalization and globalization of trade impacts local trading. This book is based on a study that sought to find out factors influencing local apparel trade within a liberalized market in Nairobi, Kenya. The author found out that New Imported and Custom-tailored apparel were mainly sold. She observes that majority of traders target women as their main clientele because they are the most willing buyers. Also, traders stock apparel for men and children in order to make more profit for their businesses. The author further argues that lack of customers, stiff competition and lack of government support are major problems facing the traders. She points out that traders’ age, position held in business and source of merchandise influences types of apparel sold. Beatrice recommends that apparel traders should enhance the aforementioned key factors in order to become more competitive. She also opines that the Ministry of Trade and Industry should formulate mechanisms to enable apparel traders easily access information on the existing trends and policies that affect their businesses. This book is a must-read for apparel traders, designers and policy makers in the clothing industry.