Description: Support batteries: NiMH NiCd(7.2~11.1V) 2-3 groups Li-ion battery(7.4~11.1V); Current parameter: Forward: 320A Backward: 160A Brake: 250A BEC output: voltage 5.6V current 2A. (Supply for receiver and servo) Size: 47 x 34 x 32mm (include heatsink); Function: 1. Automatically find the center position 2. High-frequency drive system 3. Use low resistance field effect tube 4. Suitable for RC car RC boat Operation guide: 1. The red cable is positive black one is negative for connecting with batteries 2. The output cables are for connecting with 550/560/580 motor red for red black for black 3. Turn on the switch of ESC the motor will beep then turn on the transmitter power the motor will beep again that means the remote control signal and ESC connect successfully.