Mileseey S9 range finder can measure various data and measure in corners, in gaps, in aperture or from wet floor, mussy surface etc. Help you make better measurements where you go. Features 3 kinds of measuring unit, M/in/ft, meeting your different demands of measures. LCD backlit, S9 laser distance meter can save and recall the last 20 sets of measure data. Leveling bubble helps you adjust the angel and get the right results. Mileseey S9 measures distance to most of inaccessible positions and get the right data. Specifications Brand Mileseey Model S9 Name Laser range finder Range 40/60/80/100m(Optional) Measuring Accuracy ±1.5mm Measuring Unit M/in/ft/ History Measurement Records 20 Laser Class Class 2M II Laser Type 635nm,