Electric load forecasting is an important research field in electric power industry. It plays a crucial role in solving a wide range of tasks of short-term planning and operating control of electric power system operating modes. Load forecasting is carried out in different time spans. Load forecasting within a current day – operating forecasting; one-day-week-month-ahead load forecasting – short-term load forecasting; one-month-quarter-year-ahead load forecasting – long-term load forecasting. So far a great number of both conventional and non-conventional electric load forecasting methods and models have been developed. The work presents research results of electric load forecasting for electrical power systems using artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic as one of the most advanced and perspective directions of solving this task. A theoretical approach to the issues discussed is combined with the data of experimental studies implemented with application of load curves of regional electrical power systems. The book is addressed to specialists and researchers concerned with operational control modes of electric power systems.