XH2.54 11-Pin with connectors, plug + straight + terminal of a needle holder (including plug 10 PCS 10 PCS straight needle holder 110 PCS terminals); Pitch: 2.5mm; Line Number: 11-Pin; Applicable wire: AWG # 30~# 22; Applicable print thickness: 1.6mm; Current Rating: 3A AC / DC; Rated voltage: 250V AC / DC; Withstanding Voltage: 1000V/min; Contact resistance: <= 0.02 ohm; Insulation resistance: >= 1000M ohm; Operating temperature: -25'C~+85'C; Material: Hole Block: Nylon (PA66) UL94V-2 (0); HEADER: Nylon (PA66) UL94V-2 (0); Pin: Brass; Terminals: Phosphor bronze