Hand operated seating type maize sheller gives less output hardly 20-25 kg/hr, seating type rotary maize sheller gives 35-45 kg/hr and the standing type maize sheller gives 50-60 kg/hr output.The machine was developed with locally available material with overall dimensions of 1270 X 760 X 1150 mm. The four shelling units were provided for shelling of maize cobs and operated with the chain and sprocket of bicycle. The average moisture content of the kernels was 20%. The average shelling rate of operating pairs working in morning session and afternoon session was 88.31 kg/hr and 87.37 kg/hr respectively. The average mean ?HR of the operator seating for pedaling & feeding and feeding only was 24.33 beats/min & 22.5 beats/min respectively in the morning session and 26.16 and 23.66 beats/min respectively in the afternoon session. The average increasing in heart rate operators seating for pedaling & feeding and feeding only was 16.52 and 15.29 beats/kg in morning session and 17.97 & 16.25 in afternoon session respectively.