This Breast Enhancer is designed for enlarge female's breast obviously. It can improve blood flow and activate cell renewal via the physical massage. Ultra-streamline appearance makes it comfortable to wear and environmental material is no damage for your skin and health. Features Enlarge female's breast obviously Secrete estrogen to make breast graceful and rounded. Physical massage Improves blood flow and activate cell renewal. Prevent breast disease Massage is great for avoid sagging breast. Environmental & Ergonomics & Streamline Low power consumption, no damage for your skin and health. Easy to control Micro-computerized controller, easy operation. Universal cup size Fit for most bra sizes. Built-in rechargeable batteries No need to feed up with the wires, makes it convenience to carry. Velcro fastening Easy to adjust the belt to fit different size of breast circumference. Easy to use Easy operation for treatment at home. Specifications Power DC 3V Power Rate <2W Weight 520g Package Size 35 x 13 x 8.5m Package Include 1 x Breast Enhancer, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Manual