Scope of use 1. The use of black light trapping insects to feed the fish; 2. The use of black light trapping insects to feed chickens ducks and birds; 3. Killing farm pests blacklight; 4. Killing forest pests blacklight. Installation 1. Installed in 30 cm from the surface can be hung on a wire off the central fish pond attracting insects to feed the fish. The trapping insects collected as fish poultry feed. If you have installed in the field land weeds hanging out at the stake requires the installation of solid not side to side. Strong winds rain and rain within one hour do not turn on the lights to use. Do not touch when you turn on the lights. When using hanging installation is prohibited soaked in water. 2. Do not use other light-degree black light fixtures installed in place so as not to affect the application of results. 3.Case blacklight effect of attracting insects and weather conditions and in no rain no wind [or breeze) the lure for higher amounts; during heavy rain or wind rarely lure catches. So. Depending on weather conditions should decide whether to turn on the lights. Under normal circumstances. Nocturnal activity patterns in a variety of insects vary. Thus where conditions should be full night lights.