Stella Griffin is now the full-time, permanent fire chief of Sweet Pepper. She and her volunteer firefighters lose a victim - ex-state Rep Barney Falk - to a house fire on Sweet Pepper Lake. The pricey Sunset Beach community is beautiful but was never set up to handle emergency services. Tiny roads and high shorelines on the lake mean the town needs a fire boat to help prevent future tragedies. Can she convince the town to pay for it? Despite the tragedy, Stella is looking forward to working with the state arson investigator that has been sent in on the case. She has limited training in arson, and wants to learn more. Former fire cheif Eric Gamlyn's bones are finally laid to rest, and Stella is presented with his old badge that was found with him, only to learn that the badge will allow her to take him with her when she goes out. This turns out to be a blessing, and a curse. With three of her main firefighters out of commission, Stella is trying to recruit new members of the fire brigade too. She is also fighting to keep the property where Eric's cabin is located away from a city councilman who wants to destroy it to get rid of Eric. And still she has time to get in a few bad dates with a new firefighter!